Why go green?

 Why should you green your hotel, motel or restaurant? The benefits are many and include the following.

    • Reducing your environmental impact. Your facility along with South Carolina’s hospitality industry can take a leadership role in conserving natural resources, saving energy, reducing pollution and helping to protect the state’s environment.
    • Lowering operating costs. Waste reduction, reuse and recycling may help your facility reduce its disposal costs. Energy-saving measures saves money. Water-saving equipment and practices reduce costs. Some green purchasing practices help save money, too.
    • Increasing competitiveness. Research shows that more and more consumers are considering environmental issues when making travel plans and purchases. Green practices will enhance the marketability of your facility as an environmentally friendly business.
    • Earning recognition. The South Carolina Green Hospitality Alliance can help green hotels, motels and restaurants share their success stories, promote their efforts to consumers and be recognized at an annual awards program.

How does a hotel, motel, resort, restaurant or bar become a member?

Each facility must complete the S.C. Green Hospitality Alliance application.

The application is divided into nine environmental categories (e.g., waste reduction and recycling) that cover the overall operations of a facility, (e.g., housekeeping, kitchen, office and grounds).  Each environmental category has a list of environmentally friendly actions that have specific point values. 

Check off all of the efforts that your facility is currently undertaking in each category. Calculate your estimated score and submit your application to the S.C. Hospitality Association.


Click here for an online application  or Click here to download a PDF version

Need help going green, check out DHEC's Best Management Practices Worksheets


Membership Benefits ...

Hotels, motels and restaurants in South Carolina that are members of the S.C. Green Hospitality Alliance receive the following benefits:

    • a certificate recognizing membership;
    • membership decals (pictured below) promoting the certification of each facility;
    • use of the S.C. Green Hospitality Alliance logo for marketing initiatives including signage, letterhead, flags, banners and Web page;
    • a listing of each facility on the S.C. Green Hospitality Alliance Web page and other Web sites promoting green hospitality;
    • an annual awards program recognizing outstanding efforts; and
    • free technical assistance and materials from DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling and other partners.

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